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As children we learnt a set of interactions. These may not serve us well in our adult life.

iDapt resources provides fun, experiential, strengths based programs, designed to build healthy relationships, people skills and a strong foundation for life. From self esteem, personal growrth, strengthening existing relationships and building effective teams to parenting skills and creating positive culture in community, there is a iDapt program relevant to every situation.

Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut...

iDapt identifies nine types of interactions that form the iDapt grid. The grid becomes a reference point for moving forward.

The program will help you:

· Identify where you are currently operating on the grid
· How others operate and the impact to you
· Move up the grid to develop flexibility, new skills and more options
· Gain confidence in relationships and working with others
· Unlock creativity and resilience

iDapt is adaptable...

A variety of modules means iDapt programs can be used with a range of target groups as a small group program, a seminar series or as a coaching tool. For more information on programs please view the programs page or click here.

iDapt for Young People

This 8 session program covers important life skills for any young person including, identity, values, dealing with the impact of bullying, personal boundaries, choices, relationship skills and goals for the future.

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The iDapt Program

The iDapt Program has modules for Personal transformation, Working with trauma, Relationships, Team building, and facilitator training. Relevant as a coaching tool and for inidivduals, groups or schools programs.