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About the Author

State of Heart Directors Keith and Coralie Crews each have more than thirty years experience providing leadership and facilitating positive change management for groups and organisations.

The iDapt Program has been developed by Coralie Crews as a response to the need of many clients to gain life skills as an aid to a therapeutic process. She is a Registered Psychologist, a Registered Art Therapist, Relationship Counselor, and Life Coach with 30 years experience. She also offers Counseling, Psychotherapy, Mediation, group work and other training packages through State of Heart Transformational Resources.

She has a passion for healing, personal transformation and community building within individuals, relationships, families, groups and organisations.

About the Program

The iDapt Program and accompanying workbook draws from the latest Performance Psychology, modern neuroscience and "Brain Based" Therapy approaches that over time, rewire the brain for greater resilience and well being. This combined with evidence based mindfulness exercises from a Christian contemplative perspective are powerful tools that help to shift people out of reactivity, defensiveness and old patterns of relating into adaptive, creative and authentic interactions and outcomes that influence health and well-being.

The iDapt program is both experiential in nature and easily transferable for use by coaches, facilitators or as a self-help tool. The iDapt Program provides a toolbox and the exercises give participants experience in the use of these tools. A series of modules means the program is highly adaptable. You choose the ones relevant to you.