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Modules 1 And 2 are the foundation of the program. You can add on any of the other modules depending on interest and relevance.

Module 1. Introduction to the iDapt Grid

  • Introduces the iDapt Grid and the nine interaction types.
  • Understand key relationships and the impact they have on you.
  • Identify how you relate to others, take responsibility and make good choices

Module 2. Building A Foundation - The iDapt Toolbox

  • Manage stress and learn relaxation skills
  • Establish healthy boundaries, develop straight talk
  • Move up and around the grid to get more of what you need in relationships
  • Identify core values - own my choices

Module 3. Release Stress Reactions and Balance Emotions

  • Disengage from lies that underlie self-doubt and self-sabotage
  • Know and assert your personal truth
  • Understand the impact of bullying and deal with shame and humiliation
  • Deal with resistance to change

Module 4. Resilient Relationships

Relationship skills that build confidence
  • Being present - active listening skills that connect you with others
  • Know yourself - make time for those activities you enjoy most
  • Know how to balance your emotions and calm yourself down
  • Uncover reactive patterns, make choices that protect the relationship
  • Identify and appreciate relationship strengths
  • Balance the needs of each person and the relationship

Module 5. Adaptable Teams

Strategies for identifying and building team strengths
  • Uproot defensiveness and find new options
  • Resource yourself - know your strengths and act from your values
  • Understand the factors that build team morale and a positive team culture
  • Assess the health of your team and implement strategies to move forward

iDapt Applications

Self-help and Coaching

iDapt Modules 1, 2 and 3 are ideal for self help and coaching purposes for personal transformation. Covering a range of Life skills that include establishing personal boundaries, understanding our own needs in relationships, learning to balance emotions, begin to heal emotional damage, manage stress and deal with inner resistance. These are skills that will benefit us throughout life.

People who have already done some personal growth work may find they can work through these modules themselves or else use them in the context of coaching or counseling with a trained facilitator.


iDapt Modules 1 and 2 form a useful program for use in schools. This material can be used over the course of a school term both within a school curriculum and as an after school personal growth/ life skills course or as a 1 or 2 day seminar style presentation.

Schools can enter into a licensing agreement in terms of the production of the manuals to reduce the overall cost.


iDapt Modules 1,2 and 4 are ideal for use as a pre-marriage or marriage/committed relationship, enrichment program.

Couples can work through the modules together themselves or in a group setting. Some people may also benefit from the more in depth exercises of Module 3 to deal with damaged emotions if self-sabotage, defensiveness or reactivity in relationships is an on-going problem.


Idapt Modules 1,2 and 5 are ideal for workplaces, team building, staff morale and as an aid for HR to contribute to the health of the organization.

Use Module 5 to assess the health of teams and provide strategies to address dysfunctional behavior, assess worker strengths and community building to improve morale and buy in.

Cultural Change in Organizations and Groups

Idapt Modules 1,2 and 5 are all relevant for cultural change and organizational health. Assessing the level of worker or participant safety in terms of bullying and other dysfunctions is critical to creating a strong sense of identity and belonging. A trained iDapt facilitator can come to your group, lead seminars and provide training for leaders for the continuing implementation of strategies for positive cultural change.

A licensing agreement with an organisation or group for continuing use will ensure the iDapt program is cost effective

iDapt Facilitator Training

Experience the iDapt Program and then do the facilitator training that accredits you to be an iDapt facilitator. Join the iDapt team and empower others to gain Skills for Life.